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  • Thomas Schroeter

    Thomas Schroeter

    MD at ImmoScout24, CPO at Scout24

  • Olha Levchenko

    Olha Levchenko

    Engineering Manager @Scout24, Android Dev in the past. Interested in Diversity & Inclusion topics. Ultimate is my passion, as a result I had 4 knee surgeries.

  • Diego Toharia (Deigote)

    Diego Toharia (Deigote)

  • Michael Seiwald

    Michael Seiwald

  • Julia Butter

    Julia Butter

    AI Evangelist working @Scout24. In love with building products people love. Combining Design Thinking and Machine Learning. Innovation enthusiast.

  • ashdavies ™

    ashdavies ™

    @GoogleDevExpert for Android, enthusiastic speaker, lead engineer @Scout24 , Kotlin aficionado, spends more time travelling than working (he/him)

  • Ben O'Hear

    Ben O'Hear

    Co-founder @revelatedesign, AI Sprints, Design Sprints, UX for AI, Product Innovation

  • Anna Morgiel

    Anna Morgiel

    Android dev, CS undergrad. Co-organizer at Women Techmakers Berlin & GDG Android. I enjoy refactoring and taking cat photos.

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