Different Country, Same Passion @Scout24: Meet Diego Conejo

Diego Conejo is from Costa Rica and moved to Germany in 2018 to obtain his Master’s degree. He started working as a Web Analyst for the Consumer Journey at Scout24 in July 2020. We talked to him about why he enjoys working at ImmoScout24, the advantages his background offers and the advice he has for someone thinking about moving to Germany.

1.Where are you originally from and what is your job at ImmoScout24?

Diego: Hey, I am Diego, born and raised in the small-yet-beautiful Costa Rica, and I’ve been working at ImmoScout24 as a Web Analyst for the Consumer Journey since July last year (I moved to Germany in 2018 to study).

2.What has been the biggest challenge moving to and working in a new country such as Germany?

Diego: When moving to Berlin, I had to adapt a lot, which is always the biggest challenge: getting used to the new city and to cold winters (coming from a tropical country, that’s a huge change), coping with a new language (still learning it), and understanding the new bureaucracy around it (which Germany is particularly known for). Personally, adapting to Berlin wasn’t that difficult, but at the end of the day, one is a foreigner here. But the fact that the city is highly international makes it easier (or less painful, let’s say).

3.How does your individual background influence your work at Scout24 and with your team?

Diego: Back in Costa Rica, I got a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology Management, which was the best of Management and Computer Science. There, I strengthened my technical background, but also learnt much about soft skills: empathy, how to listen to clients’ requirements and translate that into technical requirements, and so on. That has helped me greatly in doing my job at Scout24 and within my team, as I think I’ve become a better listener and can understand both the business need and the necessary technicality to get the job done. In addition, the Master’s degree that I received here in Berlin has opened the doors to the data world, which I don’t regret.

4.How many languages do you speak?

Diego: Costa Rica’s main language is Spanish and I speak it fluently although as you might know, each country has its own words and phrases so it’s always a challenge to talk to another Spanish speaker from another region. Furthermore, English, which I had the privilege to learn since little, is the language that has opened a lot of doors for me (this one included). And last but not least, there’s German, which I started learning when I lived in Austria 7 years ago, but unfortunately I am still in B1 level (I am doing my best to improve it but it’s really challenging!).

5.What do you enjoy about your job here at ImmoScout24?

Diego: At least on the segment I work on I can relate a lot to the data as I’ve been (and currently am) an apartment seeker. Therefore I can understand both our consumers’ pain points and joys for new features (like the recent Total Rent filter or new Plus services), Also, it makes it easier to understand and explain the data and analyses because at the end I am also a consumer.

6.Do you miss anything here that you had in your home country?

Diego: The food! Even though Berlin is quite an international city that embraces different cuisines the Costa Rican one is rather a small one so there’s no such restaurant with our typical Gallo Pinto, or a good ol’ Casado. But once in a while, I gather with a cousin who lives here, and look for ingredients to cook typical food, which always makes us feel at home for a bit.

7.Which advice do you have for someone who wants to move to Germany or who just recently moved to Germany?

Diego: I can’t speak for the whole Germany, but Berlin is quite a city, you will love it! So international, full with history and a lot of places to discover. You won’t regret it! So my advice: make it happen!

If you’re interested in moving to Germany to work at Scout24, check out the latest job opportunities on our website.

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